Lmao honestly I have no idea why I made this section of the page, it’s practically useless since everything we know about the characters is in the one shot but I really wanted to draw them!!!

ミーコ 「巳已己」

I wish I understood what her name is supposed to mean but since I don’t really know I’m just going to list a few things I found online.

First of all I learnt the word 已己巳己 ikomiki which means things resembling each other/all the same. I don’t think it’s a common thing that people use because of the weird kanji but I thought it was cute and interesting.

Also wanted to add the meaning of each kanji in her name is the sign of the snake, means stop and means self.

So yeah, I don’t know if he named her that for any particular reason, also wanted to highlight the fact that her name goes from the most closed kanji to the most open one (pretty satisfying to me).


Okie, now let’s move on to the second character. Time to write about more pointless stuff nobody cares about lmfao.


Momoko my love, she is so so so cute! I love her so much!!

This isn’t gonna be about her name at all but about a pretty cool detail I noticed.

When she comes over to Miiko’s house you can see that she’s not wearing any shoes because she directly enters the room by climbing through the window. She then gets kidnapped and stuff, I’m assuming you read the story. And at the very end of the one shot, when she runs towards Miiko ,after she beats the monster thing, you’ll see that her socks are dirty because she spent the whole night without shoes on. Idk, yoshimu always pays attention to little details like that and I really love it

Also love love love the Born To Kill shirt she wore during the flashback, truly iconic.


I hate that he’s the one I have the most interesting stuff to talk about .


ew ew ew ew hate hate hate him (at least his name is not Rob side eye)

At first, when I saw his chara design and name I thought: “What the fuck is that guy supposed to be?”. Then I looked his name up and saw that he was probably inspired by this guy from La Commedia dell'Arte, which explains his costume.

About his costume: he was the hardest to choose colors for. I think I probably got most of the colors right for the girls (maybe) but for him I kinda went with what I liked. I made his weird necklace thing red to go with Miiko’s eyes. (Also found a pic of this guy, so I guess I’m not the only one who thought blue and yellow was a good idea for his costume...)

Ugh god I have so much to say about him. I couldn’t transcribe it perfectly into English but, in Japanese, he’s super vulgar and mean, especially to Miiko because he thinks she’s super unattractive. Also, and that’s kinda odd, he uses French words for some reason? He calls Momoko and transformed Miiko “Mademoiselle” which is the French for miss. Shouldn’t he use “Signorina” since his character comes from an Italian play? Also also, when he calls Miiko a virgin I think he’s supposed to be saying it in French as well but, because I’m stupid, I’m incapable of reading the furigana next to 処女, so I don’t really know.



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